Israeli startup launches Vegancoin — cryptocurrency against violence on animals

Israeli startup launches Vegancoin — cryptocurrency against violence on animals

American businessman Isaac Thomas and his business partners set out to create a network of vegan restaurants in the US, but soon realized that was not enough.

Given the hundreds of millions of vegans and vegetarians around the world, they quickly expanded their vision to something much more far-reaching, to eventually create the first global platform for decentralized community based on vegetarianism. Thus was born VeganNation.

VeganNation CEO and co-founder, Isaac Thomas joined the vegetarian two years ago. Then he realized that there is no wide choice of food for vegans.

“Studying the existing restaurants in the U.S., we came to the conclusion that no matter how many restaurants we open, we will not be able to meet the needs of vegans around the world. The main problem of the availability of vegetarian food in any part of the world will remain unsolved. It was then that we came up with the idea to create VeganNation and to unite vegans around the world.”

Last year Thomas, along with three Israeli co-founders Nachi Guides, Senora Shapiro and Yossi Rabi founded in tel Aviv, his company and co-working space.

VeganNation is based on several main pillars. The first is the economy, which includes food, joint use of products and trade.

The idea of sharing food, explains Thomas, is similar to a buffet with vegetarian food, where dishes can be shared between all participants, or packaged to take them home. This provides the solution in many cities around the world that don’t offer many food options for vegans.

“It’s easier to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, says Thomas. “One of the main problems is the lack of vegan support. Therefore, bringing people together for these dinners, we are helping to create a support system for people who go the vegan way.”

Vegan e-commerce as one of the pillars on which is based the project. On the platform will be sold a variety of goods from clothing and accessories to cosmetics.

“We want to make sure that everything that we use in everyday life are made without harming animals”

The platform also will be a place to share content, media, recipes, news and blogs.

“The idea is to create a complete ecosystem vegans where they can find everything needed, beginning from food and ending with recipes.”

Own cryptocurrency VeganNation — Vegan Coin. When participants join the platform, they will be given a “passport” — a digital wallet VeganNation.

“Someone can be the biggest activist vegan, but if he’s in the pockets of dollars, he unwittingly sponsoring the killers of animals” — says Thomas. “It’s like the idea of blood diamonds. For vegan traditional currency — is the same “.

Recalling the famous quote by Paul McCartney that “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”, Thomas says that the blockchain becomes the analogue of the glass wall.

“We are moving to a world where people can see everything and can take responsibility for what they consume. They can track their money. Cryptocurrency in the vegan community closes the circle, ” adds Thomas, saying that in his eyes veganism, cryptocurrency and blockchain go hand in hand a world of transparency and awareness.

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