Israeli police seized bitcoins worth about $ 8 million

Israeli police seized bitcoins worth about $ 8 million

Confiscation has occurred in the case of the anti-money laundering, which is leading a cyber-division of the State Prosecutor. According to the materials of the case Halmi, Git has made more than 20,000 fraudulent transaction using credit cards and launder money using bitcoin.

1071 confiscated bitcoins

Halmi, Git, resident of Hebron, is charged with numerous crimes related to credit card fraud, providing the means to commit crimes and launder the proceeds using bitcoin. It is reported that the Git in total “earned” 1071 bitcoin.

At the moment bitcoin is trading at 7280 USD, which is about 7.6 million dollars.

The criminal network

According to the indictment, Git led by a network of sites and web forums that provided information on how to commit crimes. On one of these forums that visitors can obtain information about stolen credit cards. Membership on the forum was free and paid access provided access to updated information.

Git also engaged in the sale of stolen phones. In this activity he is also engaged through one of the forums where you can sell smartphones at a lower price. After receiving the money from the buyer, he did not send him the phone, and instead published in his name a fake review, and then blocked his account.

Payments in cryptocurrency

The public Prosecutor’s office of Israel claims that Git has insisted that all payments were conducted in bitcoin. Thus he “earned” 1,071 bitcoins during the period from 2008 to 2018.

A bitcoin wallet of the accused were confiscated, and the funds in it will be permanently confiscated if and when he will be convicted of their crimes.

The prosecution also requires the extension of the period of detention Gita in custody until the end of the trial in connection with a potential flight risk and a fear that Internet access will allow him “to continue his criminal activities”.

Git has not demonstrated any principles of repentance, but on the contrary stated that:

We, the thieves will take her anywhere. Be it Israel, America or even the moon. We get there and take their own.

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