Is it possible in a real-life version of “Attack 51%” from the show “Silicon Valley”?

Is it possible in a real-life version of “Attack 51%” from the show “Silicon Valley”?

The most modern technological wonders penetrate in the mainstream media, but only a select few powerful enough to become the Central theme of our favorite TV show.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are no exception, capturing the imagination of millions of people around the world. Primarily due to the astronomical boom in Bitcoin, the new technology was featured in the popular TV show. For example, the big Bang Theory dedicated Bitcoin whole episode. Following in their footsteps, one of the storylines of season 5, Silicon Valley is centered around the topic of cryptocurrencies.

Silicon valley (Silicon Valley) — a show about technology startups. For those of you not familiar with the show, the plot revolves around the lives of five programmers and start-up company based in Silicon valley, California. If you are a fan of the show and haven’t watched season 5 officially warned — the text for the story.

One of the main characters of the show Richard Hendricks creates the app known as Pied Piper, which is a platform of data compression. The show talks about the successes and failures of IT – companies, parodying the real story.

The fourth and fifth seasons, 2017 and 2018, slowly introduced to the story the concept of a decentralized Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The main character, Richard, comes to the revolutionary idea. He dreams of a decentralized p2p Internet network, using a network of cell phones, which is eventually integrated with the original app called Pied Piper.

The idea even led to the creation of web site parodies, but real-world projects such as Storj and Sia, are only two examples of a workable decentralized data storage services based on Blockchain technology.

Season 5 is centered around the actual development of a new decentralized Internet Richard. In the middle of the season, Richard is losing funding from the investor, and software engineer Gilfoyle proposes that the ICO.

Although the ICO will not bring them desired by millions, the team continues to move forward. However, in the series finale, an interesting twist, it is possible for a real cryptocurrency. New”villain” teams up with venture capitalist Laurie and launches “Attack 51%” on the system Pied Piper.

In fact, if a group of miners will have control over 51 percent Hasrat cryptocurrency, they will be able to control the confirmation of the transaction, stop the transaction and will even have the opportunity to return and double-spend coins.

In the show it was stated that control 51% will allow them “to remove all of our users, our developers, and collapse of our currency”. This plot twist is inflaming the situation, literally drawing the viewer to the screens, but we need to take a step back and think whether this could happen in real life.

Attack 51 — not a new phenomenon for cryptocurrency is still true today, but scheduled updates Ethereum can eliminate this type of attack. It is noteworthy that small altcoins, such as Krypton and Shift, survived the attack in 2016.

Professor and developer of Cornell University Emin Kyeong-Sier believes that the scale of these attacks are slightly exaggerated in the show:

“Miners, controlling 51% of the network really have a lot of power, but they have no opportunity to change the existing rules of the system or grab the money. They can be used to rewrite the blockchain in a limited format without adding a non-existent transaction, but giving any of the already executed transaction on their own. And of course, they can’t change any of the existing rules”.

As suggested by Shier, Hollywood often allows himself liberties when it comes on the adaptation of real-life scenarios. Television is narrative, so the bigger and bolder the story, the more interesting it is for spectators.

P. S. Please note that may was created the coin Piedpipercoin, which has no relation to the TV series to HBO and is Scam.

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