Iran welcomes bitcoin, but…

Iran welcomes bitcoin, but…

The Supreme Council of cyberspace, Iran (HCC) said that he “welcomed” bitcoin, but with reservations.

According to the Iranian newspaper Financial Tribune, Secretary of the governmental body on issues of cyberspace Abolhassan Firuzabadi said:

We welcome the bitcoin, but for him and any other digital currency should be set rules… compliance with rules is mandatory.

Despite the absence of any specific rules and regulations for cryptocurrencies in Iran so far, bitcoin is used in the country for payments, trade, and also engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular.

Secretary of the HCC warned:

Control mechanisms and oversight of cryptocurrencies are processed in cooperation with the Central Bank and related organizations, but people need to know about the risks and dangers that accompany the work with cryptocurrencies.

He also stated that although, at the moment, the Central Bank has not announced a position on the cryptocurrency, it has to happen in the near future.

Firuzabadi also said that HCC and the Central Bank of Iran has already collaborated previously in the process of studying digital currencies and that this process will continue.

Just two weeks ago the Deputy head of the Central Bank of Iran on new technologies Nasser Hakimi warned the public about “uncertainty” associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and that working with them cryptocurrencies put their capital at risk.

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