Iran is preparing proposals on the use of cryptocurrency in trade with Russia

Iran is preparing proposals on the use of cryptocurrency in trade with Russia

Tehran considers a promising direction for the use of cryptocurrencies for leaving under the influence of the dollar, said the head of the Commission of economic Affairs of the Islamic consultative Assembly (Parliament) of Iran Mohammad Reza’s Parabrahma.

“The last two years raised important issues about the use of cryptocurrencies. This is one of the possibilities to circumvent the use of the dollar and to replace the SWIFT system. We ordered the Central Bank of Iran to begin to develop proposals for the use of cryptocurrency,” said Mohammad Reza Parabrahma of the meeting with the head of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Dmitry Mezentsev.

According to him, the day before he discussed this issue in the state Duma Committee on economic policy.

“They share our opinion. We said that if we manage to promote this work, we will become the first countries that used the cryptocurrency in the exchange of goods”

For its part Mezentsev noted the importance of development of interbank relations Russia and Iran:

“Against the background of the circumstances of pressure on us of a country that finds itself unable to build a system of a unipolar world, we believe that great importance should have the inter-relations between the two countries. We believe that our vision for the future expansion of settlements in national currencies. And, of course, a possible option is the extension format of interaction of payment systems — new for Russia system of “Peace” and Iran’s Shetab payment system”, — said the Senator.

According to Mezentsev, the Russian side lays great hopes on the meeting of the interbank working group on interbank and financial cooperation, which will be held in Tehran on 5 July.

The US President Donald trump on may 8 announced that the United States out of deals with Iran and intend to restore sanctions against Tehran. After that, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran does not intend to withdraw from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), despite the decision of the United States, so the agreement will now operate between Iran and the five, and not six countries. However, he added that Iran may resume uranium enrichment “at any time, if need be.”

Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) was approved in July 2015 the “six” of international mediators (the five permanent UN security Council members and Germany) and Iran. The agreement introduced a number of serious restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. In exchange for these conditions, Iran has achieved the removal of a number of stringent international sanctions.

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