Investors, rejoice: a decentralized market Hodl Hodl launched a beta version

Investors, rejoice: a decentralized market Hodl Hodl launched a beta version

11 Feb cryptocurrency p2p platform Hodl Hodl announced the launch of the beta version before the commercial release of the software product. New exchange States that offers secure transactions with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“We plan to work in beta mode until July 2018. In the process, will add new features, but the basic, such as creating an account, formation of offers and study opportunities exchange is available.”

The test version includes SegWit addresses as standard, which allows to increase the speed of confirming transactions and reduce fees.

According to the developers, additional features such as the creation of smart contracts will be within a week, while the plans for the future – integrating microtransactions Lightning Network and the strengthening of security measures.

WhalePanda and other well-known representatives of the bitcoin community are excited to launch the beta version. Critics were sceptical about the fee per trade is 0.6 %, which will be introduced after the launch of the final version in July, while WhalePanda believes that these measures are necessary to circumvent the procedure for AML/KYC and anonymity.

Because of regulatory restrictions in the registration process users are required to confirm that you are not a US resident.

A curious feature of the exchange is that verification is completely optional. Hodl Hodl claims that it can go on a “completely voluntary basis”. Thus, traders not confirmed his / her identity, can still use the full functionality of the platform.

The emergence of yet another exchange is due to the fact that the existing cryptocurrency exchanges continue to face a huge demand.

Bittrex and Binance, one of the major players in the cryptocurrency market have been forced to restrict enrollment to maintain stability. According to the statement Binance, one hour on the stock exchange 240 000 registered users. The American stock exchange and wallet Coinbase also continue to experience technical difficulties due to the huge influx of new users.

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