Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against the developers of the coin Nano with the requirement to hold a fork

Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against the developers of the coin Nano with the requirement to hold a fork

70% of the cryptocurrency exchanges have vulnerabilities and unsafe for users. Their identity system is far from ideal, so the accounts are protected from break-ins, leading to huge losses in theft of funds.

For example, the cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail. The token Nano owners believe that creating a platform were committed negligence that resulted in the theft of 17 million coins. However, the developers of Nano, in its quest to enter the XRB to a broad market, deliberately sent investors on the stock market, recommending them to open there accounts and place assets. Convinced of the correctness of investors filed against the company class action.

Also in the complaint it is alleged that a startup Nano violated the laws of the United States securities laws.

The initiator of the claim made by the American Alex Brol. A class action lawsuit was filed in the district court of new York. Plaintiffs it includes several users, but their names were not disclosed. At the end of 2017, Brol bought coins for $ 50 thousand, however, during a hacking of the exchange a large part of its attachments were stolen. In total hackers managed to steal about 187 million dollars in the cryptocurrency.

Developers Nano extended the requirement to hold a fork of a coin and release a new cryptocurrency. Thus, the company will be able to compensate for the loss of investors, specified in the document.

BitGrail representatives did not comment on his role in the events. It became known that the Director General of the exchange Francesco Pirano offered investors an alternative plan of reimbursement so as not to bring the case to court. But it concerned the relations of the users with the exchange. Apparently, the owners of the cryptocurrency is not enough just to return the funds, which is why they require the holding of a fork.

To represent their interests at the hearing, investors have trusted the law firm of Miller Silver. The company has managed to earn a reputation for filing lawsuits against cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase, BitConnect, the Monkey Capital and Giga Watt.

Recall that the hacker attack on Coincheck has cost the owners of the controlling stake. Japanese financial services company Monex has absorbed the company, paying $ 33.6 million. Made on 6 April statement, the representatives of Coincheck confirmed 100% redemption 1,775.267 shares. The transition of assets to the new possession will last until April 26. Founder and CEO Koichiro WADA and managing Director Yusuke Otsuka leave their posts in the same day.

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