Interview: CEO of Dash Ryan Taylor about why cryptocurrency does not need wall street

Interview: CEO of Dash Ryan Taylor about why cryptocurrency does not need wall street

CEO Dash and former Executive Director of the investment company on wall street, Ryan Taylor believes that cryptocurrency as a financial asset that can grow without the support of wall street.

In an exclusive interview, Ryan told CCN about the reasons that motivate him to leave wall street and head plunge into cryptocurrency activity:

“I left wall street for two main reasons. The first is the huge opportunity offered by the cryptocurrency space. This is still an immature industry has a huge potential for well-managed projects. The second reason is that this technology can change the world for the better, giving people the opportunity to gain a greater degree of financial freedom. It’s really an exciting space to work”.

Dash — an anonymous digital cryptocurrency and a decentralized organization (DAO), which allows salespeople to process private payments to digital money. The most popular coin is in Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

After 15 years of experience in the financial services and technology, Taylor left his position as an analyst of a hedge Fund, working in an investment firm worth $ 20 billion, based in new York, to create a Dash. Ryan has a very interesting vision of how things work behind the scenes of the traditional financial world:

“Wall street has a habit to overlook major new development in the private sector, and I suspect that many companies are already seriously working on the study of cryptocurrencies, although the chorus and say that they should be avoided”

The influence of the main financial institutions that invest in cryptography, not much, but Taylor sincerely believes that cryptocurrencies will evolve regardless of outside influence.

“Cryptocurrency is not necessary that the wall street intervened in their formation. The market is developing more and more without it. There are significant advantages and disadvantages from its participation, but I think that in this cooperation there is one significant advantage that outweighed all the faults.”

“Cryptocurrency can become much easier to use if integrated into the financial system by adding them usefulness”, he added.

At the same time, Taylor admits that there are other barriers to be overcome before we will see wide adoption:

“Right now, regulatory uncertainty is preventing many companies have developed and provided their services without a problem accepting payments in digital currencies. Regulators will eventually catch up with the market and provide companies the guidance they need to work. The problem is that regulators tend to focus on institutions, and it was an unusual market, which has evolved from a grassroots movement of ordinary people, not financial institutions. As a result, the regulators were left to graze the rear, but seems to be quickly making up for lost time “, he concluded.

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