Interest associated with the cryptocurrency falling

Interest associated with the cryptocurrency falling

The desire of many people to work in the field of cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply after the fall of the market.

According to a special search engine dedicated to the search of work, the number of search queries with the word Bitcoin was on average 39 requests per million for December 2017. December 14 was was the peak of such requests at 46 million. But since mid-December, the number of queries began to fall. From mid-December to 15 March, the number of search queries with the word “bitcoin” has fallen by 76%, and “cryptocurrency” by 41% (see details in table below).

The trend not only meets the prices of cryptocurrency, but the amount of traffic generated by leading cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the number of “cryptocurrency” of queries at leading search engines.

Interest in the “Blockchain”

Despite this, interest in the “Blockchain” remains relatively high. At the moment the number of such queries is equal to 47 million. This number declined a bit from the recent high in late February, but remained virtually unchanged during the three month period up to March 15.

Andrew flowers, an economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab believes that:

Strong interest to work in the field of blockchain says that candidates, no matter what happens with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the future, I think blockchain technology is a promising direction.

Employers, in turn, are not looking for professionals from the field of blockchain, but rather specialists in this sphere, but in specific areas. In the top ten are: developer, recruiter, programmer, IT Director, Java developer, C # developer, senior QA, technical architect, senior designer and finally project Manager.

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