Intel wants to patent a hardware accelerator for bitcoin mining

Intel wants to patent a hardware accelerator for bitcoin mining

According to a recently published application Intel intends to patent a hardware accelerator for chips for mining bitcoins.

Thursday published an application for “Accelerator hardware for bitcoin mining with optimized message digest and message scheduler Datapath”, although the Office for patents and trademarks (USPTO) application was sent in September 2016. The application of Intel presents a method by which you can reduce the amount of electricity consumed during mining, thereby significantly reduce the cost of the process.

Because the software and hardware used for bitcoin mining, uses brute force for repeated and infinite execution of the function SHA-256, the process bitcoin mining can be very energy intensive and use a lot of hardware resources. Described here are the options optimization optimize operations bitcoin mining by reducing the resources used and the power consumed by the hardware.

In a statement, Intel noted that with this approach it is possible to reduce power consumption by as much as 35%.

This is not the first time Intel is dealing with issues of mining. In 2015, Intel has created a chip especially for mining start-up 21 Inc., which was later renamed

It is noteworthy that Intel suggests that the concept is not limited to specialized ASIC-mi, in other words, “accelerator” can be applied to the array of miners.

The previous patent application from Intel, released in December, though not tied to cryptocurrency and mining, but engaged in electricity conservation at genetic sequencing.

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