Intel has patented a technology of energy efficient bitcoin mining

Intel has patented a technology of energy efficient bitcoin mining

Intel received the U.S. patent office a patent on the technology “energy-efficient high-performance bitcoin mining”.

Intel has developed a technology for mining with low power consumption in March, combining hardware accelerator optimized hash algorithm SHA-256 with message scheduler, datapaths, making it possible to achieve a power increase of from 18 to 35%, depending on the critical path of various computations.

In the patent application it is noted that a typical data path of SHA-256 consists of two major computational blocks of the message digest and the scheduler messages with specific functions SHA-256, which combine several 32-bit words, followed by a 32-bit additions. The performance of the fully-expanded path to the data is limited to these two data paths and the hashing operation is extremely energy-intensive:

“This optimization can lead to a 15%-35% increase in power in combinational logic message digest”

Intel had previously developed solutions for mining: for example, the company developed a mining chips for 21 Inc., which was renamed and sold to Coinbase. Also in may it became known that the software giant Intel is looking for a new way of verification of transactions in a distributed book: published in may, the application for patent describes a method by which Intel will be automatically split and distributed to update the registers using the CPU, is able to independently verify that new blocks are valid and can be attached to the book that is different from the usual method of extraction adopted in blockchains such as Bitcoin, which rely on a network of competing nodes to check and record the transaction in exchange for remuneration.

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