Institutional investors are buying XRP at a record low price

Institutional investors are buying XRP at a record low price

CEO Ripple brad Garlinghouse says that the investors on wall street are buying XRP at a record low price.

During a session of questions and answers, which was held live on YouTube Arlinghaus said that in the next quarterly report will be published all the details about how many XRP were sold to institutional investors.

As always, we will publish a quarterly report, from which it becomes clear how great the interest in XRP by institutional investors.

Arlinghaus drew attention to the openness of Ripple that the company owns 60% of the total XRP, of which about 91% are currently blocked.

Ripple will continue to focus on solving real problems, and transparency. We are creating a more transparent ecosystem. And in this we have succeeded more than the other players of the cryptocurrency market. For example, nobody knows how Ethereum is in the hands of large investors. We’re just more transparent in this regard.

With regard to institutional investment in the cryptocurrency space in General, Arlinghaus said that it seems that the big players start to show interest.

The ICE announcement about the launch of cryptocurrency platform Bakkt, I think, points to a General direction. I think that there will be more players and this is a good sign. This indicates the maturation of the industry. We see that the major participants in the market, I think it’s a big step forward.

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