Instagram, Telegram and Venmo on TRX

Instagram, Telegram and Venmo on TRX

TronChat is a new decentralized application based on network Tron, which will operate on the TRX and which will combine the functions of such popular apps like Instagram, Venmo and Telegram.

As the developers say, they intend to offer an alternative to centralized technology giants and create a platform that provides users the opportunity to earn TRX, through simple social interactions.

As the developers, with the expertise in the field of social networking, we don’t want to wait until someone creates a killer first first blockchain app. TronChat allows everyone to earn TRX on social networks, doing what we love to do.

Some of the features include the following:

  • Publish photos, videos and stories – as in Instagram
  • Chat in Telegram
  • Create chat rooms and to pay the creators of the chat
  • Send messages and a certain amount of TRX – like Venmo
  • Create premium content that can be unlocked only after payment in TRX (as an option)
  • Create content subscription (payable in TRX), thus there is a possibility to pay only for the portion of the content
  • Send tips to other users in the TRX

The project team located in Los Angeles and says that versions for iPhone, Android and the web are 60%.

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