Inspired by the Ether: the network has just released a new song “Vitalik Buterin”

Inspired by the Ether: the network has just released a new song “Vitalik Buterin”

The blockchain and cryptocurrency directly impact innovation and change in different industries. The music industry has largely felt the benefits of decentralized digital ledgers data, especially when it comes to copyright protection. But the Slovenian electronic music composer, under the pseudonym Gramatik, have used bloccano to create a new track called “acne Buterin”.

In cooperation with Kotek, a new track can be streamed via Soundcloud from Gramatik . In an interview with Billboard revealed that this song is a tribute to Buterin Vitalik, founder of Ethereum, and is a continuation of the previous track, created in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto .

Denis Jasarevic, known by his stage name Gramatik, is a Slovenian producer of electronic music who currently lives in new York.

Kotek told Billboard that he met with Gramatik in 2016 during the recording of the previous track. As a longtime fan of Gramatik, Kotek supported the idea of creating a “Vitalik Buterin”, which began as an e-mail conversation between the two artists and moved into an important stage in their lives.

According to the new Gramatik track is the instrumental “the journey”, which during the whole period of its evolution changed five times and aims to represent the different stages of development of the Ethereum ecosystem .

The last few years, the composer remains a zealous fan of the blockchain, “tokenizer” their work on the platform SingularDTV November 2017.

“Symbolic” Gramatik project was a success, collecting 7500 Ethereum, whose market capitalization at that time amounted to 2.48 million dollars. The use of Blockchain technology in the music industry, says Gramatik, is not only the development of art, but also of mind and spirit.

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