Information about the world’s largest hacking cryptocurrency exchanges confirmed: Coincheck lost $534 million and the trust of users

Information about the world’s largest hacking cryptocurrency exchanges confirmed: Coincheck lost $534 million and the trust of users

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has confirmed the theft of about 500 million NEM from digital wallet company. At the current rate of stolen sum is equivalent to $534 million

We will remind that on Friday, January 26, the exchange Coincheck has suspended withdrawals after a series of suspicious events. The company has restricted deposits, trade and output token XEM, which operates in the NEM blockchain. But that was not the end. 30 minutes later announced the suspension of the withdrawal of all cryptocurrency and the Japanese yen. Was soon discontinued manufacturing most of the cryptocurrency except for bitcoin. Deposit transactions, including credit card, was not available. This firm declared on the official website.

According to the newspaper Asahi, urgently in the office was followed by a press conference, during which exchange tried to clarify the situation.

Tweets from the press conference, presented the local edition of the Nikkei Veritas, point to the fact that the exact amount of money stolen is still unknown.

Although details are still unclear, Coincheck reports that the cryptocurrency was illegally withdrawn from the wallet of the exchange, after which its path was lost. Other issues on the exchange is not known, despite the fact that after the breaking of her purse were withdrawn 100 million XRP.

Trustnodes reports that this information was confirmed by the President of the Foundation LON Wong:

“As far as we know NEM, technology is neither here nor there”.

“We advise all exchanges to use smart contracts with multipoles. Coincheck they are not used, and therefore hacked. They are very cavalier attitude to safety”.

Coincheck reported to the financial authorities about the theft. Investigation will be made of the hacking, and while the company is considering to compensate for the loss of its customers.

Coincheck intends to continue to service the trade in pairs with cryptocurrencies that are not suffered hacker attacks.

Against the background of current events, information surfaced that Coincheck not registered with the Japanese financial services Agency FSA. Now, the exchange plans to do so.

Apparently, the hacking of the exchange Coincheck will be the largest in the history of the blockchain technology, if you measure a hacker attack on MT Gox at the rate of 2014 ($350 million). Interestingly, both exchanges are located in Japan, which supports a progressive approach to cryptocurrency.

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