India became the center of advertising for ICO cryptocurrency platforms

India became the center of advertising for ICO cryptocurrency platforms

India is known worldwide for one of the wonders of the world – Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple. Today, the country is gaining a reputation in the cryptocurrency community as a place where you can find extremely affordable provider of marketing services.

Marketing can be quite expensive, whether domestic services or outsourcing. In the evolving world of cryptocurrency marketing will help you determine how successful the ICO. This is a multi-billion dollar industry: according to The Times of India last year attracted nearly $3bn.

First ICO projects rely on to make the target market aware about the services to your platform before forcing investors to part with hard earned money or cryptocurrency. It is at this stage come to the aid of the experts in the field of marketing.

More cryptocurrency platforms to advertise their ICO appeal in Indian marketing agencies. Not only that, they offer cheaper services, these firms also use apps like Telegram and other platforms to promote ICO. This is very important because start-up companies will not have to deal with the recent bans Google and social networking giants Facebook and Twitter.

Salim Ali, CEO platform for decentralized business networks Loyakk believes that even despite the ban, these corporations would not bring many benefits for ICO-projects:

“Facebook and Google AdWords was hardly created a demand for ICO. Only new to the world of cryptocurrencies could be googling about it.”

Director of marketing Agency in Chennai Key Difference Media, Karnika Yashwant said:

“Two or three months ago there were only several platforms that provide marketing services. Now the company that is going to hold the ICO will be several hundred new proposals from marketing agencies that appear in India.”

Yashwant have already provided marketing services for 14 ICO, most of which was led by European clients.

In addition to the cryptocurrency communities in the Telegram, ICO startups usually prefer to place advertising on cryptocurrency sites. Yashwant added:

“For a banner on the website cryptomedia you will have to pay 10 000 dollars a week.”

It’s a decent amount, and usually it is paid in Fiat or virtual currency. However, despite the fact that ICO can collect millions, the founders of the platforms could save you money in the initial stages, and therefore more affordable, Indian agencies can be very tempting.

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