In Ukraine completely banned electronic money WebMoney and cryptocurrency exchange INDX

In Ukraine completely banned electronic money WebMoney and cryptocurrency exchange INDX

Both of these electronic systems included in the list of new sanctions of the national security Council, which has approved by his decree the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

May 24 on the website of the President of Ukraine published the approved list of sanctions of the national security Council of 2 may, which ended up including the Russian payment system WebMoney electronic money, which is used by most freelancers, and cryptocurrency exchange INDX working, including with Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, also owned by the Russians. This is stated in the presidential Decree No. 126/2018.

The sanctions imposed against the owner of the payment system of the Lithuanian company (WM Transfer Ltd. (“WM transfer ЛТД2”). Also under the sanctions fall the company VMR and “Webmania”. In exchange the sanctions imposed against the company “Internet Direct Exchange transactin Ltd.” (INDX Transactions Ltd., Usvi). All restrictions are imposed for a period of three years from the date of publication, i.e. until 24 may 2021.

In addition to blocking sites, that means: freezing of assets; restrictions on trading; the prevention of withdrawal of capital from Ukraine; suspension of performance of economic and financial obligations; revocation or suspension of licenses and other permits, obtainment (availability) of which is a condition for the exercise of a particular activity.

Even the ban on the issuance of permits and licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine for investing in a foreign state, placement of currency valuables on accounts and deposits in the territory of a foreign state, import and export from Ukraine of currency values, the restriction on cash withdrawals on cards issued by resident of foreign state; the prohibition of NBU registration of the participant of the international payment system; ban the transfer of technologies, rights to objects of intellectual property.

In addition, Internet providers are not allowed to provide services not only to systems but also to provide the services users access the Internet to resources / services, including 40 sub-domains, relevant to the service WebMoney. P

the eye is not very clear how will be implemented the sanctions, and whether under them the website Webmoney.UA. At the moment he is not working. Reportedly, due to technical reasons. But WebMoney.RU right now still working on the territory of Ukraine.

Earlier, in 2016, the NBU has limited the activities of Russian electronic payment systems on the territory of Ukraine. But then it came to the ban on the provision of services by banks to pay for these electronic systems or direct top up purses through the store interface. This prohibition applies to Webmoney.UA but it was quite legal on the territory of Ukraine. And as we know, from 2016 problems for users of WebMoney in Ukraine was not.

INDX stock exchange from the Russian payment system Webmoney. Before she is allowed to trade only traditional assets, but after the blockchain revolution, added the possibility of trading the cryptocurrency.

WebMoney or WebMoney Transfer is an electronic payment system, established in 1998 and owned by WM Transfer Ltd. Technical support and development in Russia. The main verification centre is located in Moscow. However, WebMoney is not registered in an electronic payment system in Russia, because c legal point of view, the titular characters are not electronic money.

Only two of the sanctions list has 756 1748 physical and legal entities.

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