In the United States will release a series about cryptocurrency startup

In the United States will release a series about cryptocurrency startup

During the conference the North American Bitcoin Conference actor of the HBO series “Handsome” Kevin Connolly (Kevin Connolly) announced the creation of a new television show called Cryptos. Connolly hopes that the new show will help the public better understand the innovation ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

The plot is the story of a startup trying to launch cryptocurrency entertainment platform. The founders Academy School of Blockchain Jason king (Jason King) and Eric Swords (Erik Sords) will also be co-producers of the series along with Connolly.

“The show is produced by American Cinema International, and currently we are in the preparation stage,” said king. “I joined the project about six months ago after reading the script of the pilot episode and helped develop the storyline for the first season. We hope to start shooting in may”.

In a recent interview with actor and Director show Connolly said that, in his opinion, people are afraid to comprehend cryptocurrencies because of the “lack of understanding”. “People like me, still learning, but I’m very curious,” added Connolly. He also said:

“Swords and king want to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream for a better understanding of the industry. I’m just a filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and uncover cool characters”.

The event TNABC team first showed the audience a trailer of the TV show, and the audience welcomed the idea with applause. Creators strive to produce a total of 10 episodes for the first season. Additionally, producers hope the show will be shown on big platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Recall that the first documentary series about Bitcoin and the blockchain called “a Revolution in trust: Bitcoin and the blockchain” (the”Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”) was released in 2016. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency that started to appear in pop culture.

In 2017, the American TV series “grey’s Anatomy” showed the episode in which the hospital where the main events of the series, was attacked by hackers, causing the blue screen of death on all computers in the clinic with a ransom demand in bitcoins. In mid-2018 cryptocurrency also appeared in a Marvel comic book and the game based on “the Simpsons”.

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