In the list of top 50 FINTECH companies from Forbes included 11 of the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies

In the list of top 50 FINTECH companies from Forbes included 11 of the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies

In the list of “FINTECH top 50” for 2018 from 11 Forbes companies use and actively work with the technology of the blockchain or associated with the cryptocurrency industry.

The Bitfury GroupAmsterdamWall Street, Blockchain & Bitcoin$90 millionBlockchainLondonBlockchain & Bitcoin, Investing, Consumers$70 millionChainSan FranciscoBlockchain & Bitcoin, Wall Street$43.7 millionChainalysisNew York CityData & Analytics, Wall Street, the Blockchain & Bitcoin$1.6 millionCoinbaseSan FranciscoBlockchain & Bitcoin, Investing, Consumers$217 millionRippleSan FranciscoWall Street, Payments, Blockchain & Bitcoin$93.6 millionRobinhoodPalo Alto, CAInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$176 millionShapeshiftZug, SwitzerlandInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$12.2 millionSymbiontNew York CityWall Street, Investing, Blockchain & Bitcoin$15.4 millionVeemSan FranciscoConsumers, Small Business, Payments, Blockchain & Bitcoin$40 millionXapoPalo Alto, CAInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$41 million

The founders of these three companies, The Bitfury Group, Coinbase and Ripple are also included in the Forbes list of the richest people from the sphere of cryptocurrency, which was released last week.

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Forbes writes that the development of blockchain companies is not so noticeable on the background of constant news about the races the prices of cryptocurrencies, but in fact they

…creating the infrastructure to support both open cryptocurrency markets, and initiatives that can transform the current financial system.

Of the nine companies, which Forbes calls as “the Future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency,” and the five first came to the list of “top 50 FINTECH”. Each of the nine companies presented in the form of small promotional video about their activities, their founders, financing and about who they are “threatened”.

For example, the Blockchain is described as “the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet” which is a threat to Coinbase and Xapo, while the Chain, which offers solutions based on blockchain technology and distributed registries described as a threat to “inefficient data storage in the financial sector.”

Veem and Robinhood, which was in the list of “FINTECH top 50”, but Forbes doesn’t mention in its list of the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, is also associated with the cryptocurrency market.

Veem is a system of sending and receiving payments for companies that use blockchain technology, and Robinhood is an app for stock trading, which recently announced the launch of trading bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) with zero Commission to their users.

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