In the jungles of Papua New Guinea discovered the cave Satoshi

In the jungles of Papua New Guinea discovered the cave Satoshi

Not everyone in life is able to be a part of something great.

Only a few saw our planet from space, a little was given to develop a vaccine and save thousands of lives, few have made discoveries and had the honour to give the name of the unconquered previously the top or unexplored cave.

The few are Guido Torraccia and his intrepid team of researchers. In the jungles of Papua New Guinea, deep underground, a caver discovered a new cave. As a true fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Guido didn’t even hesitate how to call my discovery. Of course, “Satoshi”.

10 Dec Guido Torraccia , Andrea Felici and Maurizio Bettinelli went from Italy to the expected expedition of his life — in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. Throughout the trip the group of researchers did not have access to the Internet, so keep an eye on the Bitcoin exchange rate, they have just not been able to. Guido and his team have seen many beautiful places on our planet, often visiting the most remote and hidden places. After the way not a single day, researchers along with local escort, came to a cave formation in the heart of the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

The locals use the cave entrance for hunting flying foxes, but deep inside still no one down. Cavers overcame two miles of the cave, before coming to a huge cave system. In one of the caves, which by the way the size of 120 x 80 x 50 metres, was a majestic rock formations and an underground river flowing along the cave. It is because of these formations, Guido called this cave system in the valley of the Blockchain (“Blockchain Valley”).

Passing through the Valley of the Blockchain, a group of researchers were faced with the entrance of the largest cave. Often the caves are named after great people – explained Guido, At that moment in the head caver’s only one name. So a cave “Satoshi”.

In 2013 Guido first heard about Bitcoin and the blockchain, and immediately lit up technological innovation. During the following years he never lost interest in technology, leading crowdfunding platform, thanks to which were collected humanitarian aid to the victims of last year’s earthquake in Italy. In Papua New Guinea brought him in research work together with members of the Circolo Speleologico Romano, speleological organization founded in 1904. The expedition was sponsored by the company Powerfilm Solar.

Guido and his team spent a month in New Guinea in the territory of the nation Falopa. During this period, they moved deep into the rainforest 60 km, explored 4 km of caves and discovered 25 previously unknown entrances. The blockchain Satoshi Nakamoto finally found a physical form. Cave “Satoshi” will exist forever.

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