In the Dnipropetrovsk region the head of the village Council has acquired all the villagers cryptocurrency

In the Dnipropetrovsk region the head of the village Council has acquired all the villagers cryptocurrency

In Yelyzavetivka village, Dnipropetrovsk region decided on a unique experiment – to invest in the cryptocurrency extrabudgetary funds. The village head Maxim Golosnoy hopes that by 2023 all of the villagers just get real money. The only one left out of this experiment will be elizavetovca who broke the law.

On 24 April, the deputies of the village Council Elizavetovskogo Petrikov district, Dnipropetrovsk region voted for operations with cryptocurrency in the interests of the community. According to this decision, the village head Elizavetovca Maxim Golosnoy can conduct transactions with digital currency without the involvement of the budget. If cryptocurrency will use the budget money, the head of the village will need to coordinate their actions with the deputies at the session of the village Council.

Maxim Golosnoy calls it a social experiment.

“In Yelyzavetivka trust Cardano, Ripple, OTA and of course Bitcoin, wrote on his Facebook page Maxim Golosnoy. The experiment will run until 2023, and it will be attended by locals who reside, are registered and have the right to vote in local elections in elizavetovka from 1 January 2015. There are categories of citizens which are not subject to this experiment. It is, first and foremost, “social parasites” – persons who have not done any good for his village for all time of its stay on the territory of Elizavetovca, individuals who were caught stealing or damage of property of the community, the persons who were caught in the export of household garbage in the forest and to the steppe, persons that were caught on the burning of stubble and persons who have been convicted of corruption crimes”.

Now, according to rural the heads, the first phase of the experiment ended.

“Daring for 3 weeks for his vacation, bonuses and material “DOPOMOGA” in the interests of the community, it is possible to obtain output that exceeds all the promises of all political parties, — said Maxim Golosnoy. – I have 530 invested.e. doubled. I bought for the population of cardan in 0.14.e. I plan to take your working capital “ASSET” for purity of experiment, to the result of the experiment, nobody’s finances are not affected. As a result, when the rate will be in 2019, say 1000.e. for single cardan, or even let 100.e. I just for the record I will give a hryvnia, the currency to the population on the list free”.

In Ukraine Yelyzavetivka – the first community that invests in cryptocurrency, but among officials, this investment is not uncommon.
“If the Verkhovna Rada deputies, government members, prosecutors, and judges indicate in their declarations the existence of crypto-currencies, why it can not be ordinary villagers?, — says the village head Elizavetovca Maxim Golosnoy. — If we can afford in the village high school graduates to pay 5 thousand hryvnia, then why can’t we buy a promising cryptocurrency for each member of a territorial community? (in the first stage, without involving budgetary funds)”.

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