In the database one virus includes 2.3 million BTC wallets

In the database one virus includes 2.3 million BTC wallets

New virus aimed at stealing the contents of the clipboard user, has an impressive list of 2.3 million addresses of bitcoin wallets. This is almost ten percent of the total number of addresses in the Bitcoin network.

The virus clones the contents of the clipboard user as soon as the something copies.

Once the virus took possession of this information, he has two options: he can either algorithmically to determine whether the user copied the address of the bitcoin wallet, as in the case of ClipboardWalletHijacker, or simply to compare the copied information with the base already-known addresses.

As soon as any of the methods detects the address bitcoin wallet, the virus replaces the data in the clipboard to the address of the wallet hacker. This malware is often designed not for inexperienced users.

Although other malware on the basis of the clipboard also use the method list, none of them are still not closer to own such a large database.

More impressive than the number of addresses in the list, is the way in which malware infects a computer.

“After installing the software on your computer download DLL file d3dx11_31.dll which then masquerades as the process DirectX 11.”

Although you can remove the malware is pretty easy, its much harder to detect in comparison with other currently known viruses. However, developers of anti-virus software will be easy to configure the program to search a huge list of addresses on the computer.

In the end, the hacker created, which has a giant database of the addresses of bitcoin wallets. For antivirus software will be difficult not to notice him.

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