In Thailand detained a Russian citizen with 100.000 bitcoins

In Thailand detained a Russian citizen with 100.000 bitcoins

Thai police detained a Russian citizen, who is believed to have been the second person in transnational criminal group known as Infraud.

The group carried out its activities via a website on the darknet with the same name. On Tuesday, after the arrest, the website stopped working.

31-year-old Sergey Medvedev, a Russian citizen hiding in Thailand for six years, was arrested during a RAID by the Thai police.

According to police, a team of 30 officers conducted a special operation in the apartment Medvedev. During the operation police seized a laptop and some documents.

The investigators found that a Russian citizen, as was suspected, was engaged in trade in illicit goods through the website of the group and used for calculations of bitcoin. Judging from the data obtained during the RAID on 2 February, the accounts of the suspect is about 100,000 bitcoins, equivalent to about 800 million U.S. dollars.

Thai police did not disclose details of the operation, but it is known that on Tuesday the FBI and Italian police have seized a server belonging to the group in Italy. In the course of this operation, however, none of the suspects were not arrested.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of justice announced that it suspects a total of 36 people, not including Medvedev to create an international group which was engaged in the theft and sale of credit card data and personal data, causing damages of almost $ 530 million.

The founder of the group is considered Svyatoslav Bondarenko, a Ukrainian citizen, while Medvedev became a co-founder of the site and played a second role in the organization.

Despite the fact that the main activity of the group is a sale of credit card data, the FBI also suspects that using the site was used for trafficking in arms, drugs and other prohibited goods.

In total, the site had registered more than 10 thousand buyers and sellers.

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