In Taipei confirmed that they are already testing the system ID on the basis of IOTA

In Taipei confirmed that they are already testing the system ID on the basis of IOTA

The Taiwanese capital Taipei, together with IOTA continues to work on creation of system of identification of citizens.

The Commissioner of the Department of information technology Wei-bin Lee confirmed that Taipei has partnered with IOTA, as well as local startup BiiLabs in the framework of the project Digital Citizen (“Digital citizen”). The map of Digital Citizen are designed to provide secure identification of citizens.

In Taipei, plan to use IOTA not only for the Digital Citizen project , but also for other projects.

We will start with the application-related map Digital Citizen, which can be used as a platform. With this project we also want to translate the data exchange process between different municipal institutions to a new level. Because it is possible to communicate any information, for example relating to the health of citizens.

The Commissioner said that the city leadership is open to other suggestions that can help Tibau become “smart” city.

The representatives of Taipei and IOTA

Despite the fact that in Taipei are testing the technology IOTA, the city does not use any cryptocurrency.

Information about other collaborative projects yet, but the representative of the Taipei confirmed that the town of IOTA was invited to open an office in Taipei to work on those future projects. At the moment, the Department of information technology, BiiLabs and the IOTA Foundation has formed a special working group to develop these projects.

In conclusion, Li noted:

After we deal with the first project based on PoC (proof of concept), it will be clear where to go next.

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