In Russia, the police confiscated cryptomate. The initiator of the Central Bank

In Russia, the police confiscated cryptomate. The initiator of the Central Bank

The police began to withdraw from company-owned BBFpro cryptomate — terminal for purchasing cryptocurrency.

According to media reports, the legality of the work of cryptomathic in Russia are interested in the Central Bank, allegedly became the initiator terminal, which is not regulated by any law.

Head BBFpro Artem Bedarev said that the company has not received preliminary requests from the Prosecutor’s office and does not understand what has caused the withdrawal of cryptomatic. According to him, the test will hold for six months to the end of kryptonate returned to the company will not.

Thus, in his words, one of the staff who conducted the demolition, said that the test is carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor General on the basis of a letter from the Bank of Russia (CBR). All the company had 22 terminals located in shopping centers, shops, and bars in nine cities. All equipment was confiscated by mid-day Friday, August 31.

The Central Bank has not responded to questions about cryptomath BBFpro, but recalled that the regulator “conducts systematic work on revealing and prevention of illegal activities in the financial market”.

The representative of the Bank of Russia stressed that the possibility of uncontrolled cross-border transfer of funds and their subsequent withdrawal involves the risks that cryptocurrency will be involved in illegal activity in the financial market. Meanwhile, the company intends to appeal the withdrawal of the terminals.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice refused to consider bitcoin a money. In March, the state Duma introduced a bill according to which digital of financial assets are not recognized as legal tender in the territory of Russia.

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