In Russia all cryptocurrency investors will make in a single register

In Russia all cryptocurrency investors will make in a single register

In Russia will create a list of cryptocurrency investors. Their identificeret passport INN and also investors will be required to undergo certification to be able to invest in ICO projects. About the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” said a source close to the Ministry of Finance.

Information was confirmed by a source close to the Central Bank, as well as two banker familiar with the situation. The experts supported the innovation. In their opinion, the result of a Russian cryptocurrency industry will become more transparent. However, the registry will not allow you to control the investments being made on foreign exchanges.

The official list of captainvalor, which will create in Russia, will be under the supervision of the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance. Cryptocurrency wallet is tied to the passport data and INN that will eliminate the anonymity of the calculations. In addition, investors can be identified by biometric data.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov explained “Izvestia” that the identification of captainvalor needed in the framework of implementation of the AML / CFT legislation.

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) also advocates the establishment of a registry. Moreover, RAKIB preparing a report to the President containing a proposal to accelerate development of the cryptocurrency industry in the country. The Association plans to send a document to the head of state in July.

“Regulators rightly oppose anonymity in conducting the ICO. But now the question everywhere is solved by the procedure of KYC (“Know your client”), — said the President of RAKIB Yuri Pripachkin. This is the same procedure that is used in the banking system.”

According to RAKIB, in Russia now approximately 2 million captainvalor. Yuri Pripachkin predicts that by the end of the year their number will grow to 3 million, and in 2019 — will be doubled.

“The idea of creating a registry of captainvalor useful, — said the President of the National rating Agency Viktor Chetverikov. — The law on digital assets will presumably only take effect in the fall, that is, in fact, the market today are not regulated by the state. You must also create a registry of crypto-currency exchanges and other cryptocurrency wallets.”

— We welcome the innovation, as well as other steps in the regulation of kryptonsite, — said the head of the IT unit of the Bank “Opening” Sergey Rusanov.

The Chairman of Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin also supported the establishment of a register of captainvalor. According to him, innovation will eliminate the risks of money laundering. The access to the registry of captainvalor should receive only the market participants, otherwise there is a risk of data theft, he said.

The EU is also in favor of limiting anonymous cryptocurrency trading. In the EU introduced rules aimed at increasing control of the market with the purpose of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, reported the press service of the European Parliament in April. To put an end to the anonymity associated with virtual currencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers were obliged to conduct a comprehensive review of their clients, including their verification.

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