In Norway, the kidnapped wife of a millionaire: Criminals need 9 million euros in Monero

In Norway, the kidnapped wife of a millionaire: Criminals need 9 million euros in Monero

In Norway amiss. According to local police, 68-year-old millionaire’s wife Anna Elizabeth Falkevik had been missing since October 31. Her husband, Tom Hagen takes 172 place in the list of the richest people in the country. On the part of the kidnappers Hagen has already received several threats and letters demanding to pay 9 million euros in coins with Monero.

Cryptocurrency in exchange for life

Anna Elizabeth Valkevich was abducted ten weeks ago from a private bath. In her house the police found no signs of forced entry, but the theft proof was. Tom Hagen came home on 31 October and found a letter with a ransom demand — Monero in the equivalent of 9 million euros. The text was written in Norwegian with errors. The attackers threatened to kill the victim if Hagen draws on the case the police.

Since the abduction of Anna-Elisabeth Falkevik could not hear anything. Detectives tend to the version that the criminals had attracted quite a large as Hagen in the amount of $ 200 million. The businessman is engaged in property investment and owns 70% of shares in major energy companies in Norway Elkraft.

Local police recruited by the Interpol and Europol. News of Norway notified about the incident and asked the citizens to provide any information which though somehow will help law enforcement agencies in search of the kidnapped.

“Our goal is to find the woman alive and reunite her with her family. Serious crimes time is a critical factor. We depend on clues that may lead us to Anna Elizabeth Falkevik.”

According to news edition, the Hagen family may be involved in high-profile cases and conflicts that are associated with the loss of Falkevik. Last fall, Tom Hagen was involved in a trial of the firm’s Financial Funds as its co-founder. However, the police never found between these cases there is no connection.

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