In newsagents Australia you can now buy the cryptocurrency

In newsagents Australia you can now buy the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin remains inaccessible to most people. Anyone can register on the stock exchange, but few people feel comfortable providing about yourself all of the information and related documents. Tried to solve this problem in Australia. Bitcoin and Ethereum are now available at over 1200 newsstands in the country.

This news will surely surprise everyone outside of Australia. The country is relatively quiet on the front of the cryptocurrency. And the news about sales of Bitcoin and Ether in the stalls will radically change its status. The cryptocurrency will be much easier — in the absence of verification procedures, it is only a process of “transfer” of cash and specify the e-mail address.

A new service has started to work today, March 1 . The minimum purchase amount of cryptocurrency is AUD $ 50 and will incur a 4 %. For providing new services in 1200 newspaper stalls meets the company The purpose of this service is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to ordinary people. The opportunity to buy Bitcoin and Live in a stall, it seems that solves a lot of problems for most consumers.

In the world of cryptocurrency to the user’s confidence in the service is difficult, especially when it comes to the top ten. The new service offers a special application for iPad, which is set in each of the stalls. This approach seems to inspire this necessary confidence. Attracting the newsstands for providing this invaluable service, apparently, was the most logical option. This can lead to some impulsive purchases and to help in the formation of a global cryptocurrency ecosystem. Will the consumers pay more attention to the cryptocurrency remains to be seen.

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