In Moscow was arrested the alleged organizer of the cryptocurrency exchanges Yobit

In Moscow was arrested the alleged organizer of the cryptocurrency exchanges Yobit

In the network appeared the information that in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport at the request of Kazakhstan was detained Pavel Krymov, potentially projects Questra World, A. G. A. M., Forex Trend, Panteon Finance and cryptocurrency exchanges Yobit.

On the basis of a publication “” he is charged with fraud.

It is worth noting that the predictions of Paul Krymov are often used as expert opinions in various publications. For example, his predictions about cryptocurrency in his publications used the “AIF Ukraine” and “KP in Ukraine”. December 31, Pavel Krymov wrote that in 2018 we should expect further growth of the cryptocurrency market. Crimea expects that by the end of the year capitalization of the segment will reach $3 trillion at the exchange rate of bitcoin is at least $75 000, and Amazon will probably be the first major company working with cryptocurrencies.

In his article “” refers to the website created by investors who believe that they have suffered from the activities of Paul artist. Despite the fact that the majority of publications associated with the project Worldcore, at the moment, direct evidence of a link between Pavel Krymov and Worldcore no. However, evidence of his connection with Yobit also not available at the moment.

Many users of the exchange have long accused cryptocurrency exchange Yobit in delays of payments and listing various questionable coin. For example on the website Yobitscam collected a huge number of different complaints related to the freezing of deposits. It is worth noting that at the moment of cryptocurrency itself has not commented on the growing wave of criticism and accusations of aiding and abetting the fraud.

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