In London there is a statue in honor of cryptocurrency

In London there is a statue in honor of cryptocurrency

Three-meter statue of the “Crypto Connection” was created by Italian artist Federico Clappison of Eidoo — Creator platform that combines the functions of crypto-currency wallet and decentralized exchange.

Sculpture placed in London at the observation deck on the South Bank of the Thames, between the tower of “Oxo” and BFI Southbank.

“Crypto Connection” is one of the most ambitious projects, which stresses a rapidly changing financial landscape. The sculpture perfectly reflects the dichotomy between nature of cryptocurrencies: what initially seemed a fleeting trend turned out to be something created for many years to come.

The opening of the bronze sculpture took place on 15 June at 16:30. Participants were asked to share their thoughts in social networks using the hashtags #cryptoconnection #eidoo and #cryptobaby.

The statue represents the figure of the child in the womb, holding in the hands of the gadget. The author of the monument claims that he created the sculpture in honor of the cryptocurrency market, as he is their big fan. The work took about three months. The project cost is not disclosed.

General Director, Eidoo Lars Schlichting commented on this event:

“We are very excited to present the world’s first cryptographic sculpture at the creative center of London. In the fast-developing cryptocurrency space we wanted to explore a way of communicating with a wider audience using an extremely attractive piece of art. We really enjoyed working with Federico Clappison who were able to realize our intentions through this sculpture. We are pleased to invite everyone to visit the sculptures until 23 June.”

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