In Krasnoyarsk region will be the largest in Russia mining farm

In Krasnoyarsk region will be the largest in Russia mining farm

As reported TASS with reference to Daniel Zakamaldina, General Director of mining company BitBaza, in the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia will create one of the largest mining farms in Russia.

Sakamaki said that the region chose “from the point of view of energy security and cost reduction”. Investment in infrastructure is estimated at 3 billion rubles (about 48 million U.S. dollars).

There will be mining farm, one of the largest in Russia. Output is planned to create a product that will liquid mining, so the project is strategic. Krasnoyarsk region is a surplus of electricity. It industrial Park “Brave” has at its disposal three busbar connection to the national grid

Sakamaki noted that construction in the industrial Park has been ongoing for more than a month. According to Zakamaldina, originally a mining farm will consume 10 MW of electricity, then the consumption will be increased to 120 MW.

The project plans to attract specialists from the graduates of the Siberian state University. The heat generated in the process of mining, will be converted into heat energy and used for heating of residential premises.

Earlier this month in the Russian city of Orenburg, the interior Ministry officers arrested two people who were engaged in mining in this case, all consumed electricity was actually stolen from the local power grid. During the investigation, it was discovered and confiscated more than 6,000 ASIC-s with a total value of more than $ 9 million.

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