In Hong Kong cryptocurrency investor dropped from the roof, millions of dollars (video)

In Hong Kong cryptocurrency investor dropped from the roof, millions of dollars (video)

Kriptonyte pushes some people to very strange things, but the media sidestep the majority of incidents. Hong Kong Bitcoin millionaire Wong Chin kit clearly demonstrated the decline of Fiat currency in the literal sense of the word. Surely this case will raise many questions, but for the suffering of cryptosphere this may be a good sign.

The fall of the Fiat for the Bitcoin rise

The last few years, those who invested in Bitcoin at a very early stage, earned millions of dollars. Especially if they were able to resist the temptation not to get rid of the greater part of the portfolio on the growth of the coin to the historical high of 19.5 thousand dollars. Sold Lee Wong Chin kit your scriptactive at its peak, remains a mystery.

We know only that the 24-year-old Bitcoin millionaire living in Hong Kong. Over the years he amassed an impressive portfolio in this difficult Bitcoin decided to support cryptonote slightly unusual way. It looked like this:

Airdrop $ 13 million

As noted in NullTX usually in this field are scattered cryptotokens, but Wong decided to part with 13 million dollars. According to the young millionaire, in that moment, he felt himself to be the Messiah and was happy to spread the good news about Bitcoin around the world. Unfortunately, later he was arrested on the way home in his Lamba and accused of organizing mass riots.

The main question is, then tried to get the man throwing banknotes from the roof. Someone will examine the potential promise of the benefits of investment in Bitcoin. Others will say that the way the young man was trying to compensate for an inferiority complex.

In General, the distribution of money to the needy — quite a noble gesture, which has often been criticized. There will always be those who blame wonga for the fact that he not reinvest accumulated, and is stupid. However, each person is free to use your money as you see fit.

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