In Google Store and App Store was an app for cryptocurrency Kin

In Google Store and App Store was an app for cryptocurrency Kin

Recently the developers of Kik messenger has released a number of apps for cryptocurrency Kin, which is already available in Google Store and App Store.

Currently available in Google Play the following app:

  • Reveald (Dating),
  • Kinguist (language learning)
  • Nearby (Internet),
  • (the social network),
  • AddMe (business),
  • Find (),
  • Vent (health),
  • Kinny (surveys).

For iOS is only available 2 applications: Blastchat (the messenger), and Pause For (utilities).

Last year, the canadian messenger raised $ 98 million, which allowed developers to begin work on the applications and their distribution.

Many of the apps included in the category of a classic, with which mobile users are already familiar. The advantages that they are known to have a drawback, as you have to compete in a market filled with large operators.

Fortunately, these applications do not have to compete solely on the basis of user experience, as does the majority, as the new apps that support kin, pay users for their participation directly. If you look at it another way, think of the kin as a way by which users get an incentive to start applications and to participate in their work.

Kin continues to create more and more cryptographic applications, and an additional 30 are expected in the coming days, of course, after the approval of Google and Apple.

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