In Google Play fraudulent application of unprecedented scale — “Ethereum”

In Google Play fraudulent application of unprecedented scale — “Ethereum”

Android-the Google Play store recently became a place where scum-application called “Ethereum”, reports the Next Web.

Lucas Stefanko, Explorer malware from Slovakia, found in Google Play fraudulent application “Ethereum”, the price of which, as stated, is 335 euros, or about 388 USD.

In his tweet of August 20, the researcher warned that its recent discovery — cryptocurrency Scam imitating the original Aldon Ethereum, introducing thus confusing to the user. The word original Ethereum is about 270 USD.

Stefanko proves that the application is fraud, as we developed the so-called “Google Commerce Ltd”, which does not officially exist. Since the last update in August 2017 until the publication of the material over 100 users have already installed the Scam program, which means that speculators are enriched at least by 38.8 thousand dollars.

Important: the developer of all genuine products of Google is “Google LLC.”

After disclosure of the Scam application on Twitter and the media, fake “Ethereum” has been removed from the Play Store. While Google refused to give any comments on the question of how the fraudsters managed to pass moderation.

We will remind that on July 27, all apps that provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency mining was forcibly removed from Google Play. However, despite the recent ban, the store continues to be an application that allows to extract the coin using a smartphone.

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