In Georgia, there were a bitcoin ATM

In Georgia, there were a bitcoin ATM

In recent years in Georgia, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. The country has become a regional leader in the implementation of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

New cryptocurrency terminal was installed in Tbilisi restaurant New York Burger just off the square on May 26.

Through the terminal it is possible to buy and sell bitcoin and litecoin for the Georgian lari. TPS company behind the initiative, promises soon to provide support for Bitcoin Cash and implement other cryptocurrencies, for example ethereum. TPS provides services to exchange cash via terminals and trading platforms.

According Coinatmradar, another cryptocurrency ATM can be found on the street Shalva Dadiani in Tbilisi. Both terminals produced by the Czech company General Bytes.

More and more people in the Caucasus believe that cryptocurrency is the future. According to Giorgi Cheishvili, programmer TPS, the popularity of digital money in Georgia is growing every day: “Many people want to use cryptocurrency, and an increasing number of Georgians interested in buying digital money.” According to Cheishvili, Georgia is the leading country when it comes to the acquisition of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“Many people are interested in cryptocurrency innovation and business,” said Anthony Soliman, Manager of the restaurant New York Burger. “We want to create a comfortable environment where users will be able to make the necessary transaction.”

Georgia is considered a pioneer in the legalization of crypto-currencies among the countries of the South Caucasus. Over the past few years, the blockchain technology in the country was implemented at the state level and in the private sector. 2016 land cadastre of the country is stored in the blockchain. Georgia is also home to one of the first mining farms in the region.

In Tbilisi created special courses for those who want to expand their knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. The members of the Georgian cryptocurrency community, invited experts from EU countries to participate in the educational program.

Armenia lately trying to keep up with your neighbor. The bill proposes mechanisms for the regulation of the mining of cryptocurrencies, was presented in Yerevan in February of this year. Presents the legislation includes tax breaks for cryptocurrency miners and other special conditions. Operators mining companies will not have to apply for permits or licenses. Moreover, the document allows the provision of cryptocurrency ”miners” customs and other benefits if they comply with the principles of fair competition in the market. According to local experts, this bill will effectively legalize cryptocurrency transactions in the country.

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