In Ethereum for the hours committed transactions in the amount of 166 million dollars

In Ethereum for the hours committed transactions in the amount of 166 million dollars

According to Sean Douglas, Director General platform Amberdata, Ethereum network handle transactions in the amount of 166 million dollars every hour, which is about 4 billion dollars a day.

Douglas noted of the fact that 53.5 per cent of all these transactions over the past 7 days (about $2 billion a day), are smart-contracts. During the 6 months before the share of smart contracts accounted for 39.4% .

According to Sean, this trend will continue thanks to the emergence of useful decentralized applications (dapps) on Ethereum. Among them — Brave Browser, Dai, Request Network, Digix, and Peepeth, similar to the Twitter invitation system on the basis of the ETH and IPFS network.

Another interesting discovery was analysis of the mining pools in respect of the transaction. Platform Amberdata Sparkpool awarded a rating of five stars for the best optimization to enable the blocks more transactions:

Nanopool received 4 stars for healthy distribution. But like some other pools (for example, Ethermine and f2pool, received 2.5 stars each) are optimized to include fewer transactions:

In comparison with BitClub deeply reduced the number of included transactions, their performance is not so bad. BitClub became the owner of only one star:

It is important to note that when mining Proof of Work (PoW) pools do not have to include any transactions. However, many of them, of course do it.

It may be considered as one of the criteria for the selection of a mining pool, but there is another interesting factor is lost, or so-called uncle-blocks.

Unlike Bitcoin in Ethereum for every uncle-block miners are paid around 2.2 ETH. But if for every 2 “normal” unit you have more than 1 uncle-block, then it is a security problem.

Douglas said that this face will never intersect, but at times it was so close, that demonstrated the need for further optimizations.

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