In Dubai the planned launch of 20 services on the blockchain in 2018

In Dubai the planned launch of 20 services on the blockchain in 2018

In Dubai already conducted pilot programs in several government departments. In addition, it is planned to implement 20 initiatives on the basis of the blockchain in this year.

Dubai lives up to its name “city of the future”. The previous government was formed by the Smart Dubai – a body established with the aim of turning Dubai into the most technologically advanced and most intelligent city in the world. Part of this trend is the inclusion of services on the basis of the blockchain in a number of sectors.

IBM and Consensys entered into a strategic partnership with the authority in an Advisory role to facilitate implementation of the goals of Smart Dubai.

The blockchain just not bitcoin

According to the newspaper the National, the Director General of Dubai Smart Aisha Bint Buti bin Bisher believes that “the blockchain will improve the quality of care for people”.

At the conference Unlock Blockchain Forum she explained the introduction of this technology in the city:

“Scope includes a broad range of industries including traffic control, roads and transport, as well as in the fields of energy, health and education. This 20 applications are now in pilot development, but we expect the results for them.”

The future is now

Initially, the deadline for launch was scheduled for 2020, but Bisher is confident that it will be completed this year. In reality the blockchain technology is already being used for operations on registration of land holdings.

The pilot program also launched in other sectors of the government, Migration service of Dubai. Other departments, including the Customs of Dubai, have partnered with IBM to develop future initiatives.

According to the authority, the blockchain technology will improve the provision of services by the government is saving more than 25 million hours of productivity each year.

, Bisher said:

“While some are still discussing the prospects of this new technology, we are working now transform Dubai into the blockchain-the capital of the world, and we have already begun work in this direction.”

In addition, she noted the benefits of the blockchain, used by the city:

“Dubai has become a pioneer, when all the world is reluctant to accept this technology. At the moment the blockchain is already changing the way of providing urban services. Just a few years, the blockchain has transformed key aspects of our city.”

Generates breakthrough innovation

At the same conference Ramez Dandan, Director of technologies at Microsoft Gulf, said that the breakthrough technology is a promising addition to the business sector:

“Investing in the blockchain in the GCC [the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf], and outside it is growing at an impressive rate, as organizations recognize its ground-breaking technology, which it is.”

He also explained:

“We firmly believe in the immense potential of technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. It allows them to share business processes with suppliers, customers and partners, creating new opportunities for multilateral cooperation and, ultimately, new business models.”

The governments of the countries of the Persian Gulf, including United Arab Emirates, intend to invest in technology to boost revenues from oil, which have recently declined due to the decline in oil prices.

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