In Dash Core Group afraid of the reaction of banks on the platform Evolution and urgently filed

In Dash Core Group afraid of the reaction of banks on the platform Evolution and urgently filed

Team Dash Core Group decided to err and to patent their work with regards to the platform’s Evolution, the release of which is expected in the second half of 2018.

Evolution — the code name of the new platform on the basis of the existing Dash, which will greatly facilitate the user’s interaction with the network and will do what is in the cryptocurrency world is elusive. According to the CEO of Dash Core Group of Ryan Taylor the complexity of the network utilization must be overcome to ensure the formation of a Dash in the role of a revolutionary sustainable monetary system that will benefit the whole world:

“The aim Dash has always been the creation of an accessible to absolutely everyone cryptocurrency, regardless of the level of knowledge of the user. Platform Evolution will make this dream a reality, giving users a decentralized and similar to use on PayPal system that will be easily accessible in everyday life.”

The company admitted that they were aware of the risks of obtaining a patent on the technology of centralized banks, corporations or other organizations that will be able to prevent its free use and distribution. It is for this reason detailed reviews and demonstrations of innovations was carried out with a delay compared with the progress in the development of the platform. Now, when technology is patented, reports on the progress of the project will be more detailed and will be provided regularly. According to Taylor, now that papers are signed in the nearest future the General public will be available a few demos:

“Platform “Evolution” will present a number of significant enhancements to the network Dash, and we look forward to the opportunity to officially launch the alpha version of the platform this year. Obtaining patents is an important step for us which will allow you to publish plans to improve Dash (a series of technical papers describing the technology Evolution) in the next few weeks.”

This measure will allow to cut patent trolls and keep the use of technology Dash free for all.

The Dash technology was based on open source and available for everyone to use, view and create on the basis of its code of new products. Today, given the global attention to the cryptocurrency, Dash Core Group decided to make Evolution platform open source only after the completion of development and receipt of all patents.

The current patent is called “Methods and Systems for Object Validated Blockchain Accounts”. New methods and systems will allow developers to create a special decentralized protocols that can be implemented on top of the Dash, allowing for functions such as deferred transactions and even password recovery.

“Step forward will be done through the data contracts developed by Dash. They differ from smart contracts because the calculation is performed at the client level, not the network, but the data and connection is still logged in the blockchain, ” explained Taylor.

Although this will provide more opportunities for developers, the goal still is to make the Dash as accessible to a much wider audience.

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