In Croatia the Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain

In Croatia the Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain

Croatian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (UBIK) is an organization registered on February 13 with the goal of creating community, which will deal with education in the field of blockchain and contribute to the regulation of this field in Croatia. The organization officially began its work on February 17.

The Board UBIK has already met with Central management of tax administration in Croatia on 9 February to discuss issues relating to the taxation of cryptocurrencies, of the rules of the ICO and the mining of cryptocurrencies. Croatian Bitcoin portal writes that the members of the Tax administration demonstrated the willingness to openly participate in finding solutions to issues concerning tax legislation.

The idea of creating UBIK has arisen due to the growth of the blockchain companies in Croatia and around the world. The founders of the organization are composed of many Croatian blockchain enthusiasts, including developers, lawyers specializing in the blockchain, and authors of books related to this technology.

Immediately after creating to UBIK joined more than 70 members. Nicolas Skoric, one of the organizers of UBIK, the organizer of the Bitcoin meet up Group Zagreb and founder of crypto-currency brokerage service, Electrocoin, said he hopes the organization will facilitate the development of blockchain startups in the country.

Skoric wants the next 20 Croatian ICO is based in Croatia. Now the Croatian ICO is much easier to register in Estonia, in contrast to Croatia, due to the lack of clear legislation in the field of cryptocurrency.

We want our blockchain startups were registered as Croatian companies. This will allow our country to expand competence in the field of this technology…

Earlier last week, seven of the largest crypto companies from all over the world have combined their efforts to form CryptoUK — the first of its kind trade Association, whose goal is self-regulation within the British cryptocurrency industry.

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