In Canada arrested a Hitman who was allegedly hired Ross Ulbricht

In Canada arrested a Hitman who was allegedly hired Ross Ulbricht

The Supreme court of British Columbia in October, was released on bail of one of the defendants in the case of Ulbricht, the extradition demanded by the US.

The canadian court did not consider the wishes of their American colleagues, demanding that the 42-year-old James Ellingson, earlier repeatedly judged, he was awaiting extradition in prison.

According to us law enforcement, that Ellingson is the owner of the account to Silk Road, where he was featured under nicknames Redandwhite and Marijuanaismymuse.According to the press days of the verdict, the canadian court held that the suspect could wait for the extradition hearing in the family circle, and released him on bail in early November.

The result has the evidence, in particular, received from Google mail data Ellingson, which contains, for example, the password to one of these accounts. In addition, managed to track the address on the cryptocurrency exchanges, registered in the name Ellingson where transferred income from the sale of drugs on Silk Road. Both accounts on cryptomeria was on the real name of the loonie and using it of these documents.

American justice believes that Ellingson in the period from November 2011 to October 2013, Ulbricht received from the funds in bitcoins for the sale of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, LSD and MDMA.

In addition, Ellingson under the name Redandwhite was allegedly discussed with Ulbricht and the murder of another Silk Road user for a fee.

According to supporters of the Creator of the Silk Road, it was involved in the conspiracy to murder, which were later allocated in separate manufacture, are the reason that the court sentenced Ulbricht to two life sentences and 40 years imprisonment without parole.

However in August 2018, when Ross had already served the sentences, the charges of organizing contract killings was removed. Left minor, from the point of view libertarians minded public, the charges as drug trafficking, hacker attacks and participation in a criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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