In Brazil hacked 200,000 routers for mining Monero [XMR]

In Brazil hacked 200,000 routers for mining Monero [XMR]

As reported by Simon Kenin, a researcher from TrustWave, Brazil was hacked more than 200 thousand MicroTik routers that were used for mining Monero [XMR].

After break-in, criminals used the creaking coinhive who worked in the background.

Sources from Forbes to declare that this became possible due to the small microchip that is located inside the router. This microchip is not very powerful, but it can be used for mining.

Although such mining does not pose a threat to users of crypto-currencies or their accounts, it could seriously reduce the system performance. In addition, mining can lead to the device overheating to such a degree that it may melt.

Although a patch for this vulnerability was released by manufacturer in April, many routers have not been updated.

Worldwide is used by several hundred thousand such devices are used by providers, other organizations and enterprises, each device daily serves at least a dozen, or even hundreds of users.

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