Important information on the topic of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: What to expect in the near future

Important information on the topic of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: What to expect in the near future

According to preliminary calculations, the recalculation of difficulty of Bitcoin mining will occur in 2 days. The increase will be 15%, which will significantly affect the profits of miners, at the current rate.

January 14, 2018 in Cash of the Bitcoin network changes the address format. Goodbye P2SH, long live Bech32.

Bech32 is SegWit-compatible addresses, consisting of 42 characters and start with “bc1”. The advantage of the new format is that it allows you to accelerate the time of payment.

In fact, according to the author, engineer Amory Bitcoin ABC of Seceda, the main motive to create the address of the new format was the desire to help users who mistakenly sent the BCH on the bitcoin-addresses and Vice versa.

“In order to make life easier for users, this format you need to enter as soon as possible,” added Amaury Sechet.

A new address format was designed specifically for Bitcoin Cash, but already in use by other services. In November 2017 support Bech32 addresses were added to the Electrum wallets are also aware of the fact that the manufacturer of hardware wallets best wallet uses this format.

Inverse correlation

What you say on the following dates: November 12 and 20 December last year? Right! An inverse correlation, and overflow volumes between BTC and BCH.

Before these events Cash was worth about $ 600. On withers Pampa 20 Dec broke the milestone of 4000 dollars! Carl, the first “GosNIORKh” (so it thought) Bitcoin made the X7 in less than 2 months! If you take the period from October 20 off for 2 months, get a 1200% growth.

Our expectations

Favorite speculators Roger Ver will not miss this opportunity, believe me. The fall in the value of Bitcoin and increase its complexity will play into the hands. The icing on the cake will be positive news about the transition of the BCH on their own address format. First son moves out from the father, changing the address.

On the basis of past experience, 13-14 January expected:

The fall in the value of Bitcoin, judging by the mood of the market.An increase of 15% and above.Hence an overflow capacity in the more profitable miners Cash.Spam mempool Bitcoin – a classic.The transition to the new BCH Bech32-format addresses.

Bitcoin Cash long consolidation preparing for this event.

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