ICO project to create AI new generation has collected 36 million in just 60 seconds

ICO project to create AI new generation has collected 36 million in just 60 seconds

SingularityNET managed to collect $ 36 million in just over a minute, completely sold their tokens AGI.

Although this is a huge amount of money managed to raise in an incredibly short period of time, this is not surprising, given the demand. The company claims that before the start of the ICO on the website signed up 20,000 people who were willing to invest for a total amount of 361 million dollars.

According to a press release, the company has reduced the number to a more manageable level:

Using a variety of screening tools have reduced the number of participants to 5,000. Decentralized AI

A decentralized market AI

SingularityNET strives to create a decentralized market AI, where each AI can communicate with each other (and to pay for the services of each other) to resolve customer issues. Project founder Ben Goertzel describes it:

If you need a document, you can send a request to SingularityNet …

As a result, you will receive proposals from twenty different gcd working documents and to select the optimal ratio of quality and price.

But if this gcd in the process of working on the document will meet with a task is not inherent, for example, create a video or a translation of the quotations from Russian to English, it will be able to send your own request to the appropriate node and to pay for their services from your compensation.

Popular niches

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the hot trend in these days, but development in these areas largely controlled by large corporations. These corporate titans are developing their own systems and software. SingularityNET intends to decentralize the highly centralized region, enabling developers tools s to monetize them, and not corporate users to use them.

As with any new enterprise, it is unclear whether it will achieve the enterprise success or not. One thing is certain – decentralized AI systems are of great interest. ICO SingularityNET – a clear confirmation.

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