ICO BlockBroker sought to eradicate have benches themselves turned out to be a fraud

ICO BlockBroker sought to eradicate have benches themselves turned out to be a fraud

ICO BlockBroker opposed to fraud, cocamillas. The command is hidden, the site is destroyed, like all communication channels, as is usually the case with fraudulent ICO.

On the website Blockbroker.me the message that it is down for maintenance. Just a day ago the ICO was still in progress on Twitter. But then the users and realized that something is wrong.

Accusations BlockBroker fell after the user Telegram drew attention to the fact that a team can cheat with tokens ERC-20. The user is immediately blocked, and the project was soon eliminated. There were indications that the team really put their tokens on a decentralized exchange EtherDelta before the end of licensee, which was completed on 20 July..

Signs that BlockBroker fraud appeared a few months ago, as evidenced by comments on the website on the subject of airdrop, where it was hotly debated, the fact fake pictures of the project Manager.

The use of stolen photos is a common practice for fake ICO, including the recent example of Megatron , as well as the project using pictures of Ryan Gosling .

Interestingly, digital asset BKBK and the project as a whole was assigned a score of 5.0 on the service TrackICO. Apparently, the site didn’t notice that the founder BlockBroker, a “John Jacobs”, used a stolen photo to your profile, thus hiding his true identity.

BlockBroker goal was ambitious:

“In a world where new ICO appears through the day, fraud has become a serious problem. Studies show that 10% of the ICO are Scam, and this number is growing. Block Broker intends to provide 100% safe environment for investors in ICO. We create a Block Broker, the first decentralized brokerage service in order to completely eradicate fraud in the ICO. When the investor makes money using the platform Block Broker, it can be 100% sure that his money protected.”

Experts believe that the cryptocurrency sector needs more professionals with strict supervision for building trust, as the case BlockBroker project, which received excellent marks in all areas, further underscores this need.

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