IBM and Maersk launch joint logistics blockchain-enterprise

IBM and Maersk launch joint logistics blockchain-enterprise

January 16 IBM and the Danish logistics company Maersk announced a partnership to create a joint blockchain-companies that will specialize in shipping supplies.

The project is aimed at commercialization of blockchain technology in the international supply chain that will accelerate trade and save billions of dollars.

The blockchain is able to provide a special level of control in the logistics industry by replacing the tedious paper work in a safe and transparent digital recording. Cloud platform IBM Blockchain Platform provides integrated capabilities for fast implementation of distributed networks in the client’s business.

Commercial Director at Maersk Vincent Clerc will become head of the newly formed Board of the joint venture.

The clerk made an official statement:

“The potential offer of an open digital platform for secure and simple exchange of information is huge and will benefit all participants in the supply chain”.

It is expected that the company will start to offer their software solutions already in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The success of the collaborative platform will depend on whether Maersk and IBM to convince to join her suppliers, transporters, ports and customs authorities.

Commercial Director, Maersk noted that the success of the platform will be the approval of all members:

“There is a great desire from end customers to see these changes.”

He reported that a number of shipping companies and customs and port management in the United States, Singapore, the Netherlands and the Chinese province of Guangdong are already interested in the platform.

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