Huawei leads talks on the creation of the smartphone on the blockchain

Huawei leads talks on the creation of the smartphone on the blockchain

According to sources close to the leadership of the company, Huawei Technologies Ltd., the third largest phone manufacturer in the world, was considering a mobile phone that will be able to work with a blockchain applications.

Chinese company Huawei is negotiating the licensing of the operating system, we developed a blockchain company Sirin Labs called SIRIN OS that needs to run alongside the Android system from Google Inc. At the moment, preliminary discussions and any agreements not yet signed.

Representatives of Huawei and Sirin Labs confirmed that the companies are in talks, but refused any comment.

If such plans do exist, then Huawei will be the first major smartphone manufacturer, which will decide on the integration of new technologies in smartphones and thus bring it to the mass market. Even after the fall of this year, the cryptocurrency market in the last 12 months grew 15-fold to 350 billion dollars, but cryptocurrency and related apps are still not used in large quantities.

According to some reports, Huawei executives met with the team Sirin Labs several times over the last two months. February 28 in the chat group Telegram Sirin Labs published the photo with one of such meetings with the caption:

A surprising meeting between representatives of Sirin Labs and Huawei. Among other things, the possibility of joint work to make the blockchain technology of the mass.

Sirin Labs is also working on its own smartphone based on the blockchain. According to the representative Sirin Labs Nimrod May, the company plans to begin sales in the second half of this year. The approximate price on the phone called Finney will be about $ 1,000. At the moment the company received pre-orders for more than 25,000 units.

Sirin Labs plans that this phone will built-in cryptographic wallet cold storage and the system automatically convert funds into digital tokens required to run different applications based on the blockchain. Wallets and cold storage allow users to store digital assets offline.

Huawei is a leader in the field of telecommunications, smartphones, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Currently the company is actively expanding overseas markets, such as Europe, and is negotiating with companies in the US about selling their phones at home for Apple Inc. market.

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