How to use Bitcoin without the Internet? The story of a key developer of the kernel

How to use Bitcoin without the Internet? The story of a key developer of the kernel

The once rare phenomenon of disconnection of the country from the Internet in our days is gaining popularity. One of the last countries where such a practice became Zimbabwe. However, we must not forget that off the Internet can the government of any state. Previously, this problem is not dealt with Bitcoin, but its dependence on the Internet may be the Achilles heel. Maybe now with the new Bitcoin satellite service from the employee of the crypto startup Blockstream it won’t be a problem.

Now the Internet connection is almost everywhere. But if the user happens to be on a pirate ship far from land and civilization, even in this situation he will be able to take advantage of Bitcoin payments.

Former technical Director of Blockstream and once the Bitcoin Protocol developer Gregory Maxwell said that many times faced with the open Internet connection. But satellite signal is successfully supported by its node.

You do not need to independently connect to the satellite. Enough to in your country worked at least one node connected to the Internet.

As Maxwell says, the equipment needed is not so much money. The whole system took about $ 200, and all the parts can be found on the radio or in construction hypermarkets.

It is important to consider one feature: if the Internet is turned off in the whole country, the nodes can be separated from the real Bitcoin network. Such a scenario will lead to a serious problem, especially if it’s a country like China, where the same are mined more bitcoins. By the way, rumors about a complete disconnect China from the Internet went.

To eliminate the possibility of complete disconnection need to have at least one node inside the country were connected to the Internet. Then the satellite will be able to update this node, and it in turn will update all the other nodes in the network.

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