How to make money on the blockchain platforms in 2019? Three profitable option

How to make money on the blockchain platforms in 2019? Three profitable option

The following text is a translation of an article Jason Budd on Medium.

Whispers of bullrun louder, and some clever traders and Hodler trying to find the elusive benefit. I think you are here for the same reason. I do not blame you, considering how much is potentially at stake in the coming months. While you are reading this article, people seeking to secure their financial future, diligently studying CoinMarketCap and other resources in the search tokens with working platform on which you can actually earn.

And I don’t mean to save with discounts as in the case of Binance a fantastic Coin and others. Such tokens are many and they are wonderful. Don’t want to offend anyone, but increasingly, people want to find tokens with the platforms where you can earn or win more tokens (or preferably cash). That is, they are searching for something real.

Why, you ask? Many cryptomelane now believe that it is no longer sufficient to keep the tokens solely for the sake of speculation. They need access to the blockchain-a platform where you can earn more. Speculative only adds a pleasant extra dimension. For them the real value are the tokens that can give access to the platforms where the money is – this should in the long term to boost prices tokens.

They see in the dot-com bubble, the lesson of history again with bloccano. As then, in their opinion, work products, allowing users to earn, endure the hardships of a bear market. In other words, they expect that in the near future the grain will be separated from the chaff. If it coincides with your philosophy, then continue reading a good idea.

What blockchain platform is now the most profitable?

This hot question now on everyone’s lips. If the last time the network has published such a list, I do not know about it. And as for the last six months many things happened, cryptosphere needs in the relevant information. Well, or at least in some.

The browser agent (BAT)

Recent months, public attention was drawn to the Brave browser and its Basic Token Attention (BAT), and not without reasons. First of all, in the Brave you can earn.

Especially popular among connoisseurs of security and confidentiality, Brave is available on Android and iOS. Any owner of a website or a YouTube channel can use Brave and earn tokens BAT through a system of rewards. Tokens if you want you can sell for bitcoins or Fiat money, and they are listed on the Coinbase, which has a remarkable tradition of trade tokens with profitable platforms.

Steemit (STEEM)

This is one of my absolute favorites. Steem is a cryptocurrency decentralized social network Steemit, which stimulates the activity of users through micropayments. Many compare it with Reddit, but the key difference is that the authors can obtain a user-rewarded for their efforts — a big step forward in comparison with the usual vote for or against messages.

Blockchain Steemit with several hundreds of thousands of users generates a cryptocurrency due to the content that is created by its users. Steem Dollars (SBD) can be exchanged for bitcoin as an intermediate currency on Poloniex, Bitwala, Bittrex and the other exchanges. If you are looking for a platform for passive income, Steemit should be at the top of your list.


It is a decentralized platform for sharing video content. Here not only excellent content. On top of that, its creation and consumption, you get reward tokens LBC. It’s enough to do the same that you frequently enjoy doing for free rainy and windy Sunday. Among other ways to get LBC — contribution to the project LBRY and mining. To join the ecosystem LBRY, you need to download the application for Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android.

LBC accumulated tokens can be traded, or just put them in hard currency. Alternatively, you hadlich and to observe fluctuations in the value of, preferably in a favorable way for you. LBC can be exchanged for Poloniex, Bitwala, Bittrex and other exchanges for bitcoins, which if desired can be displayed on the Fiat exchange.

That’s all. A small step for the exhaustive list of the most profitable blockchain platforms. He is not perfect, because the tokens a lot, and certainly there are other worthy candidates.

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