How to cheat Roger Faith: life Hack from the creators of a new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core

How to cheat Roger Faith: life Hack from the creators of a new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the world, and his creation paved the way for hundreds of thousands of different digital currencies. Theoretically it was the perfect currency because it promised fast transactions, low fees and anonymity for the two parties involved in the transaction.

However, the reality was not so smooth. By the middle of 2017, the Commission has reached record highs due to overloaded networks, which could not handle the additional transaction volume, where also much increased.

What was the alternative?

There were serious problems with the scalability of the Bitcoin network, and the community began the heated discussions trying to find an alternative solution to these problems.

A group of developers under the leadership of former Facebook engineer Amaury of Seceta announced the rejection SegWit2x, maintaining the same structure of the blockchain (without storing information outside of it), but increasing the block size to 8 MB. Your branch they called Bitcoin Cash. As a result, the hard forks and there was another of the Bitcoin kryptolite Clashic, but its path, as it seemed, was short-lived.

When there is hardwork, such as BCH, it is normal that disputes arise and the defense priorities and values. However, in the case of rivalry between BTC and BCH the situation is too deteriorated as a result of unethical tactics used by the biggest promoters of Bitcoin Cash.

The most conspicuous representative was Roger Ver. Entrepreneur, known as one of the first investors and promoters of Bitcoin, after hard forks sold most of my BTC and purchase BCH.

Disputes in the community was more emotional color than technological. A group of supporters Cash Bitcoin was called the Bitcoin Bitcoin Core (the name of the client software of Bitcoin). On the other hand, the group of followers started calling Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash — Bcash that seems crazy g-Faith:

Although Mr. Wehr thinks that insulting and rude to change the name of Bitcoin to Cash BCash, for it is quite reasonable to change the name of Bitcoin to Bitcoin Core, and even give BCH the title of the true Bitcoin.

The situation escalated to such a limit that even made Mr. Ver to declare that “children are literally dying” because of Bitcoin, and that adopting a BCH is a matter of life or death:

Happened: there allcoin Bitcoin Core (BTCC)

A few days ago the attention of the cryptocurrency community has attracted new Twitter account — Bitcoin Core. First tweet on may 28 was: “Hello, world!”. As it turned out,the team continued to work on the Bitcoin chain Clashic, and now it is renamed to Bitcoin Core.

The emergence of such a polemical Aldona caused a variety of reactions, ranging from confusion to the present mischief. Users asked the creators how many children they plan to kill their existence ( referring to the statement of Faith on Bitcoin), and does this mean that finally a coin with high commissions, slow and unreliable transactions, small blocks, bought by developers and censorship?

May 29, representatives of the Bitcoin Core did not deny himself the pleasure also protrollit Roger Faith and published the following:

Bitcoin ($ BTC) will always be king! Bitcoin Core ($ BTCC) is a compliment of Bitcoin. We are just next act for the preservation of core values, speed and privacy. We’re like the cool cousin good! Unlike other, hating, and trying to steal your girl.

However, beyond the playful mockery, the new cryptocurrency can add a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey Faith. The fact of its existence makes it impossible now to call Bitcoin Bitcoin Core. The developers did believe that the Roger Flack for their cryptocurrency, thanking him heartily for the support.

The Bitcoin Core team (BTCC) is also serious about his work ( not just trolling). They already released their official wallets, published his code in Github and got listed on several exchanges. Currently Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is trading at a price of about $ 10, the market capitalization is around $50 000

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