How much to pay John McAfee to stavitel your cryptocurrency project?

How much to pay John McAfee to stavitel your cryptocurrency project?

John McAfee has more than 810.000 subscribers and now began to sell advertising for cryptocurrency projects.

John McAfee became famous even before he became an active enthusiast of cryptocurrency. A few years ago, he founded McAfee Associates, which released one of the first anti-virus software under the trademark of McAfee.

Now McAfee is actively promoting the cryptocurrency, and his Twitter has tons of tweets about cryptocurrency exchanges, altonah, price forecasts and other things. The problem or rather the news is that prior to that, he has never publically said that he can publish some information for money. At the same time, through his influence, cryptocurrency, which he mentions, as a rule, considerably rise in price. This is especially true of lesser-known cryptocurrencies, where the fact of McAfee’s statements alone is sufficient event.

A vivid example can serve as SAFEX, which grew by 92% after tweet McAfee in December 2017. Also in late December, McAfee advanced BURST which kept 350% after his tweet.

Now the team any cryptocurrency can purchase a tweet from McAfee, which even created a special website for this where she talks in detail about their services. It is worth noting that on the website there is no mention of what type of projects can purchase ads, i.e. any project no matter how dubious he could receive a major boost thanks to a tweet McAfee. The price per tweet is 105.000 USD and in the opinion of the creators of the website is relatively low price compared to other alternatives.

McAfee even held a special poll among his followers, which was attended by about 50 000 followers. Extrapolating the results of this survey to the entire user base, the authors of the website claim that:

737 000 of his followers buy or sell cryptocurrency at least once per month. 154, 000 followers do this every day.

380 000 keep 25% of their assets in cryptocurrency. 259 000 have more than 50% of their assets in cryptocurrency.

518 000 already invested more than $ 3,000, 224 000 invested more than 20.000 $ in cryptocurrency. Only this latter group is, at least, of 4.48 billion dollars of investment potential.”

John McAfee is not the only influential person in the world of cryptocurrencies, but he was the first who decided uncompromisingly to monetize their influence.

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